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Hampton Jollys

Our Story


A division of Carriage House Motor Cars, are offering stunning Italian built Jolly’s. All of our Jolly’s have undergone a complete conversion from original FIAT 500’s to match the actual Jolly’s built by Ghia. In stock for immediate delivery, our Jolly’s come in multiple colors and are built to the highest quality standard available. Each vehicle comes with wicker seats, a wicker picnic basket, painted wheels and a matching canopy top.


First built in the late 1950’s, FIAT’s beach car was created for Europe’s elites to travel to and from their yachts, beach houses, luxury hotels and golf courses. Based on the FIAT 500 and modified by Ghia, the Jolly was priced at nearly twice that of the 500. It is believed that less than 100 of the highly desirable Jolly’s exist today.

Vehicle Information

Street Legal

All of our Jollys are fully street legal with a max speed of around 50 mph


Gas powered
2 cylinder
500 cc


4 speed manual

Model Years

Our Jollys range in years from the 1960s to early 1970's


Carriage House Motor Cars

25 Railroad Ave

Greenwich, CT 06830


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